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At last the world famous Aylesbury News site has been resurrected to give its former author a place to show all his pictures.


I worked for British Railways for over 45 years and for Bombardier for a further 10 years. I have only recently (2018) retired from the railway industry.

In 1995 I spent some time in Taiwan undertaking a study into the fitting of an automatic train protection (ATP) system to the railways. It was a long and often boring assignment waiting for something to happen and to pass the time I began to write a newsletter which I faxed to my colleagues back in the UK. This became known as 'The Taiwan Gazette'.

On my return to the UK I once more was assigned to BR's ATP system Pilot Scheme which was based in Aylesbury and where not much progress was being made at the time. The 'Taiwan Gazette' became ' The Aylesbury News' and related the everyday excitement of working on the project. As life went on it broadened its scope to include the events and the various activities of the staff of the DM&EE at Derby RTC.

Alas the publication ceased to exist in 2001 BUT the name lives on in this site!

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 Last update 14th August 2022 with my latest photos plus new page for class 730 Aventras and class 69

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